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Air Freight

Spaxtonexpress air freight network offers a range of rapid and cost-effective delivery solutions to match your business needs.

We ensure complete door-to- door transportation and smooth customs clearance. Our advanced technology and network of offices around the world allow advanced tracking of your shipments, from the moment you place your shipping order to when it reaches its final destination.

Ocean Freight

Supported by our global network, highly skilled team of experts and fully equipped technology systems, we cover key shipping lines and trade routes worldwide.

We are dedicated to fully managing your cargo throughout the entire shipping process, from collection, through customs to final delivery.

we deliver shipments quickly regardless of the size and number of your packages. Whether you run a business or sending a personal package, Spaxtonexpress provides the best ocean freight to fit your needs.

Land Freight

Spaxtonexpress offers an efficient integrated transport system with multiple types of trucks available to support your trucking and distribution needs. All cargos are handled carefully, tracked and distributed in precise accordance with our customer’s schedule, assuring on-time deliveries.

Outsourced logistics services are a perfect solution for businessmen and companies who strive to focus on their core business and leave the peripheral solutions to the professionals. As part of the variety of our services, we offer to our clients extensive, advanced and varied services whilst handling the various goods strictly and accurately.

Easily perform your courier tracking in just seconds with Spaxtonexpress.