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About Us


Spaxtonexpress is highly experienced in its field, and is extremely flexible in its ability to adapt to customers’ requirements.

The company provides an extensive variety of services in air, sea and land shipping, projects, door to door transport, logistics, shipment packaging, handling and custom clearance of art object, distribution of bulk mail, personal items, land transport, import and export, handling imports, air, sea and custom clearance of food products, shipments of temperature-controlled drugs, passenger escort, time critical and more.


Be a global player in the courier industry, with excellence in products and services.

Spaxtonexpress ability is to identify and understand its clients needs, fulfill and maintain service levels and continuously adapt and develop systems to fulfill all requirements, To plan, develop and continuously improve our facilities and services./p>

To be customer driven in everything we do. To provide an ideal working environment that boosts co-operation and teamwork.


Spaxtonexpress will work closely with you to devise customized solutions and route optimization that will help your business improve customer service and decrease operational costs.

Spaxtonexpress works with clients to develop and execute communication processes that optimize the flow of products and information within the supply chain and within each distribution center.

Our Customers

Easily perform your courier tracking in just seconds with Spaxtonexpress.